Jenny Cacopardo

Jenny Cacopardo |

I have worked in the hairdressing industry for 23 year and absolutely love what I do. I have been privileged to meet so many amazing people and have been fortunate to form many close friendships throughout my career. I love connecting with people and I love watching people succeed in anything that brightens up their […]

Jacinda Violi

Jacinda Violi |

Working in the Beauty industry for over 10 years, I have not looked back. I LOVE working closely with all my clients not only on an industry level but also personally get to know what they are all about and what they Love and when my clients walk out feeling beautiful and confident that is […]

Ashleigh Vico

Ashleigh Vico |

I have worked in the beauty industry since I was in high school which is what I have always wanted to do ! I love being able to work closely with clients, being able to make someone feel special for an event or an occasion.  

Mariann Vico

Mariann Vico |

I have a passion for all things beauty.  I specialise in skin I love doing advanced facials and hydrobrasion.  I feel my role is being able to help people feel good about themselves. Family means everything to me. Enjoy walking my dog and relaxed weekends

Olga Rotar

Olga Rotar |

My name is Olga. I am 33 years old. A while ago I completed my Master Degree at Agricultural University however I never worked in the area. 6 years ago my husband and I touched down in SA and new joinery began. In this country I realized who am I and what is my destiny. […]

Amanda Bordignon

Amanda Bordignon |

I have been involved in the beauty and wellness industry for over 25 years and a self proclaiming “brow addict”. My biggest achievement is becoming a mother and now moving forward to be the best and most  authentic  version of myself. I really enjoy making people feel good about themselves and giving them the proper […]

Alison Matthews

Alison Matthews |

Motivated by her love and passion for the hair and beauty industry and with 20 years hairdressing experience. Owner of Individual Hair Care. Alison’s commitment to her team, loyal clientele and community is paramount. Alison is a fully qualified senior hairstylist and makeup artist and has won a number of prestigious awards both locally and nationally. […]