Leah Walsh

Leah Walsh |

Leah has been creating appealing and functional designs for over twenty five years. She has worked with art departments and print production houses in Sydney, Newcastle and the Gold Coast before returning to Griffith in 2003. Leah is committed to commercially-viable design, ensuring that even companies with a small budget can proudly present in a […]

Belinda Johns

Belinda Johns |

I am passionate about helping businesses grow, becoming part of their team and building long-lasting customer relationships. At Straight Lines we provide creative, effective design, marketing & web solutions and have been doing so since 20o7. I believe great leaders focus on how to help. This also drives my role as founding president of Griffith […]

Melanie Toscan

Melanie Toscan |

Rosie Taprell

Rosie Taprell |

My work is so varied which keeps everything exciting – each day is something different! I love learning and growing as a designer so working in such a collaborative and supportive environment is such a joy.