About Griffith Women in Business


Griffith Women in Business Incorporated is a non-for-profit organisation, founded in 2017.

Born from a desire to connect, collaborate and enhance the careers of Women in the community.

Through members and partnerships, Griffith Women in Business provides an opportunity to enhance our community strengths. 

Griffith Women in Business Committee Members

President: Belinda Johns (Straight Lines Design & Marketing)
Vice President: Carrah Lymer  (Emerge Creative Agency)
Treasurer: Ros Ceddia  (SGB Griffith)
Secretary: Leanne Austin  (Griffith City Council)
Public Officer: Sonia Casanova  (The Articulate Pear)

Committee Members
Kristy Brown (Straight Lines Design & Marketing)
Pamela Fuente (
Janice Seaton (Janice Seton Speech Pathology)
Supporters: Alison Matthews (Individual Hair Care)