Leah Walsh

Leah Walsh |

Leah has been creating appealing and functional designs for over twenty five years. She has worked with art departments and print production houses in Sydney, Newcastle and the Gold Coast before returning to Griffith in 2003. Leah is committed to commercially-viable design, ensuring that even companies with a small budget can proudly present in a […]

Oumi Karenga-Hewitt

Oumi Karenga-Hewitt |

I love working with different people on different projects, sharing ideas and working together to create something. At work, I help businesses connect with their audiences through social media, websites, digital marketing, printed materials and more. I love the digital world and the way it opens up opportunities for anyone and everyone regardless of where […]

Sonia Casanova

Sonia Casanova |

Sonia is an optimist, lateral thinker and marketing consultant, and co-owner of The Articulate Pear.  With more than 20 years experience in marketing and business development roles, Sonia has a depth of knowledge to share. Having previously held senior roles in the tourism, aviation and financial services industries in Sydney, Sonia is now focused on […]